dr ir A.N.R. Bos

Borne Zutphen, The Netherlands, 26-7-1961.
Present location: Amsterdam.
Married on 7-7-2001 to Anette Braun, Muenchen.

After finishing primary and secondary education in Deventer, I studied Chemical Engineering at University Twente (UT). After my "Kandidaat's" I worked as a trainee (`85) as well as "free lance" (`86) at Shell, Pernis (topics: Waterhammer modelling; heat transfer in stirred tanks). In `87 I got my master's degree on "The kinetics of the synthesis of methanol and modelling of new methanol process", a project of Kuczynski and Westerterp. Thereafter I did a ph-D project on the "Reactor and catalyst dynamics and stability; The selective hydrogenation of ethyne in ethene", also within the Laboratory of Chemical Reaction Engineering of Prof. Westerterp at the UT. With my colleague and friend Peter Borman (DSM) we developed the so-called BoBo-reactor (click to see pix).

During my Ph-D I also worked as:

  • Consultant/programmer for PEC (Prof. Westerterp), CEREC and Chera (Prof. Geert Versteeg)   (1987-1991)
  • Lecturer at HTS Leeuwarden (1989-1990)
  • Lecturer for several courses, e.g.  " Introduction Process Technology " (Shell)
  • Member of faculty council (1989-1991).

  • In 1991 I joined Shell Research (KSL, Amsterdam), dept. Reactor Engineering. Some projects: DeNOx (LFR reactor modelling), ECH (reactor selection/modelling for an ECH process), MTO (reactor selection/modelling; kinetic modelling), EO (reactor modelling/design), EPS (polymerisation reaction modelling), and many others. In short: reactor selection, modelling and design as well as well reaction engineering support in general. I also contributed several times as lecturer for the OSPT-course "Process Development and Scale-up", together with Prof. Krishna, Prof. Sie and Prof. van Swaaij. With Prof. Marin (TUE), dr Lefferts (DSM) and dr Steijns (Dow), an extensive questionnaire sent to the major European Oil & (Petro-)chemical companies was made, resulting in a "Diagnosis report on the the state-of-the-art in industry" published in Applied Catal., a Workshop which ultimately evolved into the consortium "EuroKin".

    In 1996 I was transferred to Shell Chemicals Europe and worked as an advising technologist for Versatics&Derivatives plant in Pernis.
    In 1998 I was transferred to Shell Chemical Company, Houston, TX, USA, where I worked as a research technologist for the EO/EG business focussing on manufacturing support and product quality.
    In 1999 I was transferred to Shell Research and Technology Centre, Amsterdam, where I work as a senior research technologist for the EO/EG business focussing on  both product quality and EO/EG process improvement R&D.
    In 2003 I moved to a different product group in Amsterdam (PSM), again as senior research technologist, working both as project leader for opportunistic longer term options and consultant for a number of other projects

    Here is a list of my publications in the open literature dd 1997